Gain expertise in the nuances of mergers and acquisitions to provide invaluable guidance to your organization.

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This course will guide you through core framework for managing growth and expansion through corporate acquisitions and other means in international markets. Over eight weeks, you will explore accounting, economics, and finance principles needed to understand deal structures in a variety of change-of-control transactions. You will learn how to analyze the risks and benefits of entering into an M&A deal and what makes certain deals successful so you can advise your organization on whether or not to enter into an M&A deal. You will gain the expertise needed to optimize your organization’s global value creation, making you a highly valuable asset.


The estimated salary of an M&A analyst in the United States.

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The average salary of an M&A associate in the United States.
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The average salary of an M&A manager in the United States.
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Course Modules

1.1. Gain an introductory understanding of M&A motivations and economic value.

1.2. Explore factors affecting outcomes and the role of deal structure.

1.3. Learn to assess influence levels in intercorporate investments.

2.1. Assess the main considerations for entities with significant control of an entity.

2.2. Delve into how financial reporting affects investor communication.

2.3. Learn about fair value and equity methods in financial reporting.

3.1. Define and explore consolidated reporting for complete control.

3.2. Discuss rights and responsibilities with more than 50% ownership.

3.3. Learn about intangible assets and goodwill in M&A accounting.

4.1. Learn to create a merger model for M&A analysis.

4.2. Review real cases to assess risks, benefits, and growth.

4.3. Understand how to unravel M&A complexities for financial reporting.

5.1. Analyze a structured approach for international expansion.

5.2. Learn to navigate differences in global business environments.

5.3. Explore successful international expansion strategies.

6.1. Gain a better understanding of the appeal and inner workings of the US business landscape.

6.2. Learn about institutional features, SEC oversight, and accounting standards.

6.3. Dive into the importance of regulated financial reporting.

7.1. Learn the intricacies of foreign investment in emerging markets.

7.2. Explore equity stakes, features, and opportunities of a passive investor approach.

7.3. Gain an understanding of strategies, considerations, and risk indicators for emerging markets.

8.1. Learn about the importance of having robust internal controls.

8.2. Review financial reporting issues and overall risk management of an international organization.

8.3. Learn to prepare a unique system of controls that pertains to the needs of your organization.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the M&A process, enabling you to provide more valuable insights and guidance to clients.
  • Get equipped with the knowledge and expertise you need to confidently step into leadership positions, driving your organization’s success.
  • Develop high-demand skills in strategic financing that will enhance your career opportunities and make you a valuable asset to any organization.
  • Gain the latest insights into navigating and getting ahead of the curve on deal structures that are shaping the global M&A landscape.
  • Understand the in-depth analysis necessary to evaluate the risks and benefits of mergers and acquisitions.
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we are in the top 1% of business schools with AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB accreditation.

This course is designed for:

  • Senior finance professionals looking to upskill and explore the latest developments and trends in alternative deal structures to optimize their organizations for global value creation and international expansion
  • Aspiring C-suite finance executives seeking expanded knowledge in international growth and a deeper understanding of global business trends to transition into roles with greater responsibility
  • Accountants and financial analysts who want to delve deeper into strategic financing and valuation to grow their career opportunities
  • Advisors, consultants, and legal counsel who want to better understand M&A transactions, financial execution, management, and integration

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Mark Maffett

Professor, Accounting Department, Miami Herbert Business School

After a decade as a faculty member at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Dr. Maffett joined Miami Herbert Business School in July 2022 as a tenured professor. In addition to teaching and research, he leads and coordinates the accounting PhD program. A licensed (inactive) certified public accountant (CPA), Dr. Maffett earned his PhD in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to this, he earned a Master of Arts in humanities from the University of Chicago and a Master of Science in accounting as well as a Bachelor of Science in analytical finance from Wake Forest University.

Dr. Miguel Angel Minutti-Meza

Professor and Chair, Accounting Department, Miami Herbert Business School

Dr. Minutti-Meza is the department chair and professor of accounting at Miami Herbert Business School. He joined Miami Herbert in 2011. He was also a senior economic research fellow at the PCAOB from 2018-2019.
Dr. Minutti-Meza’s research interests lie in capital markets, particularly in auditing, financial reporting, and methodology issues. He is working on various research projects related to audit reports, auditors’ use of experts, private transactions, and prediction models using machine learning, among other topics.


José Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

Chief Information Officer, Store Management System, LLC.

“El programa me ha dado un ‘mindset’ diferente. Ahora entiendo procesos, tecnologías y la importancia del estratega de marketing en una organización para poder mejorar las entrategias tecnológicas y que estas aporten valor a la organización”.

Juan Arturo Jimenez García

Chief Information Officer, Store Management System, LLC.

“Excelente experiencia. Se aprenden muchos contenidos actualizados con ejemplos muy concretos y puntuales. Las sesiones son enriquecedoras y los casos de estudio se pueden aplicar a la realidad”.

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